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Partial Testimonial:

"wow this product really helped my business and opened my eyes to things I could do to get more customers"

Larry A., Los Angeles

Cost: $9.95

Peter Brusso recently provided me with a Website Review Analysis that was so comprehensive it rated everything from Layout and Navigation to Marketing Items. Each area of analysis was followed by a detailed video to explain the functionality behind the ranking, which a lay-user could comprehend.

The Analysis also provided an invaluable list of Quick Fix/ High Value Recommendations, which I plan to use to direct my web hosting provider. I cannot thank Peter enough for his expertise as I was at a loss what changes needed to be made, knowing my site was not working.

Kind regards,
Judith Sutherland, CSP, SMM
Certified Home Staging Professional
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Search Engine Optimization or not to do Search
Engine Optimization that is the question!

Listen it's really simple. If you want traffic to your
website you have to embrace Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) and that is it. If you have no
traffic then you have no customers on the Internet.
No customers on the Internet means no sales or
leads. It is just that plain simple. So, this site is all
about you learning how to get more traffic and how
infocard can help you.  For the DIY's clients I have a
new product to check out; click here.

It's really important to understand how to do
business on the Internet. This site will help you
grasp the concepts of how to do business on the
web. Infocard isn't just a web design company but
also shows you how to maximize your foot print on
the web and to bring clients to your website. can also help you build your website, on
your own, or even consult with you to move your
business onto the Internet. If you currently have a
web presence then can critique your site
and offer suggestions of how to optimize the site for
your Internet clients.

As a search engine optimization consultant, also can consult with you about your
business. It can also show you how to increase your
business by using marketing materials, seminars,
and videos strategically placed on the web. In
addition it can help you become more successful in
business and thus make more money. If you are a
startup then specializes in helping you
get your business into the main stream on the
Internet. The best web design begins with
understanding keywords and scientifically
researching them with real time data across the
Internet. Once we have a hand full of good keywords
that are popular, low competition, and that people
use to find plus purchase from websites; we then
move those into the website design.  Web
development companies usually design websites
to win awards but builds webs that are
simple, clean, and make money.

I try very hard to supply information, guides, and podcasts for all those
who want to improve their own website. The newest product which is
excel based and all you do is click what section you want to learn
about is now making it's way out onto the market.

Also, the on page SEO book to the right is another great resource for
anyone who wants to learn how to improve their website and get more

Without traffic you have no customers or leads... It's just that

And now with Google pinching off traffic to everyone so they must
purchase adwords; it is even more important now to have the
knowledge to drive traffic to your website!
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